about us

Stilton Corporation

specializes in gas regulation and measurement, kitchen fire safety and industry expertise in the Philippines market. Our clients range from wholesale distributors, large corporations, engineering firms to small mom-and-pops all benefiting from our hands-on customer service driven approach.

We offer our customers off-the-shelf stock availability, world class technical support and pricing that is guaranteed to make your business more profitable.

As a value added distributor of gas equipment and industrial fire safety products, we strive to offer only the best products and services available from our high caliber principals. Our mission is to provide our customers a single resource for products, design references, and services unmatched in the industry. We believe the expert product information and installation guidelines we provide distinguish us from our competitors. Our team of customer service professionals is dedicated to providing you the information to promote the safe and efficient use of gas equipment to support your business.


Join our Team of Leaders and Officer in management and retail.

Managing Director

Harry Pua

“Impossible is only an opinion”

New Product & Development Manager

Engr. Noriel Manabat

"Great Leader inspires other to showcase their talent and full potentials"

Technical Manager

Charlie Cheng

“All great things start at first step! Can't is not an option.”

Human Resource Manager

Dona Beng Hui

“We treat our peers as students whom we coach and bring the best version of themselves.”

Operations Manager

Chat Repato

“Being a leader is not about you or me, it’s about the people that are on our team and how we can help them be successful.”

Inventory Manager

Rexone Gamboa

“A great leader does not whip his people from behind, he grabs the flag & lead the charge. Always practice the Three R's: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for their actions.”

Customer Service Manager

Rose Jean Paner

“A leader should always be a selfless person for each member. They will make sure that each is well guided in the same direction towards the team's goal.”

Audit Manager

Alma Belarmino

“Being a great leader means instilling people a hope for success, belief in themselves, and empower them to accomplish a goal.”

Asst. Technical Manager

Engr. Ray Mark Salonga

“Having the ability to show respect, empathy, and care to those that follow you, are all attributed to being a great leader.”